TableĀ 3

Barriers to patient and family engagement (PFE)

BarriersSignificant barrier
Competing organisational priorities652/1276(51.1)
Time it takes to set up and implement advisory programmes545/1284(42.4)
Time available for rounds, shift changes, etc.409/1282(31.9)
Amount of financial support for PFE activities411/1289(31.9)
Training of clinical providers in how to engage with patients327/1282(25.5)
Degree of transparency of medical cost information enabling patients to compare319/1277(25.0)
Availability of clinical information systems284/1283(22.1)
Support for PFE from clinicians224/1282(17.5)
Patient's willingness to participate in care activities210/1280(16.4)
Risk management concerns200/1282(15.6)
Degree of transparency of quality information enabling patients to compare184/1278(14.4)
Privacy/Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act concerns180/1284(14.0)
Differences in language between patient and healthcare provider156/1289(12.1)
Cultural differences between patient and healthcare provider119/1289(9.2)
Leadership commitment to PFE activities119/1288(9.2)
Support for PFE from hospital administrators109/1285(8.5)
The literature/evidence supporting the usefulness of PFE98/1275(7.7)