Table 1

Scales, definitions, number of items and example items of the Safety Attitudes Questionnaire

ScaleDefinition6N itemsExample items
Teamwork climatePerceived quality of collaboration between personnel6Disagreements in this team are appropriately resolved (ie, not who is right, but what is best for the patient)
In this team, it is difficult to speak up if I perceive a problem with patient care (revised item)
Job satisfactionPositivity about the work experience5I am proud to work in this organisation
Working in this organisation is like being part of a large family
Perception of managementApproval of managerial action4I am provided with adequate, timely information about events in this organisation that might affect my work
The management of this organisation supports my daily efforts
Safety climatePerceptions of a strong and proactive organisation’s commitment to safety7I receive appropriate feedback about my performance
I am encouraged by my colleagues to report any patient safety concerns I may have
Working conditionsPerceived quality of the work environment and logistical support (staffing, equipment, etc.)4This organisation does a good job of training new personnel
All the necessary information for care-related decisions is routinely available to me
Stress recognitionAcknowledgement of how performance is influenced by stressors4When my workload becomes excessive, my performance is impaired
I am more likely to make errors in tense or hostile situations