Table 2

Annual numbers of positive laboratory reports and outbreaks for PHT, Wessex and England. Annual numbers of affected staff, affected patients, days of disruption and percentage overnight bed occupancy for PHT

2007/20082008/20092009/20102010/20112011/20122012/20132013/2014Mean for 2010/2011–2013/2014% change comparing mean from April 2010–March 2014 with April–March 2009/2010
 Positive laboratory reports5681782328551329.75−61.9
 Affected patients607282218232117917.5−92.0
 Affected staff87405420118110−81.4
 Days of disruption45817711221199313−88.4
 Bed occupancy (%)81.178.583.181.086.988.591.2
 Positive laboratory reports309344283183291201160208.75−26.2
 Positive laboratory reports6192814811 58879989023955259488130.25−29.8
  • Percentage overnight hospital bed occupancy figures for PHT were obtained from KH03 data available on the National Health Service England website.22

  • PHT, Portsmouth Hospitals National Health Service Trust.