Table 3

Psychometric results, ANOVA and ICC values

Psychometric resultsUnit level (n=9)Team level (n=53)Type of care (n=2)
Dimensions SAQCronbach's alphaKMOEigenvalueExplained variance (%)Item loadingsp Value ANOVAICC 1 valuep Value ANOVAICC 1 valuep Value t test
Teamwork climate0.730.822.7245.270.48–0.740.
Job satisfaction0.800.802.8757.400.53–0.870.
Perception of management0.560.661.7443.480.46–0.730.
Safety climate0.760.842.8841.200.56–0.710.
Working conditions0.750.762.2756.800.71–0.800.
Stress recognition0.760.722.3458.520.73–0.790.
  • ANOVA; analysis of variance; ICC, intraclass correlations; KMO, Kaiser–Meyer–Olkin measure of sampling adequacy; SAQ, Safety Attitudes Questionnaire.