Table 4

Associations between clinically important report changes and characteristics of examinations, patients and readers

VariablenLogistic regression analysis
UnivariateMultivariate (n=1055)
OR95% CIp ValueOR95% CIp Value
 Urgency (urgent referral* vs not†)10712.01.3 to 3.10.0011.61.0 to 2.50.05
 Examination time (out of working hours‡ vs during†)10711.81.3 to 2.60.001
 Time of first reading (out of working hours‡ vs during†)10551.61.1 to 2.30.01
 Time of second reading (out of working hours‡ vs during†)10610.80.5 to 1.30.4
 Age (increase of 10 years)10711.11.0 to 1.20.2
 Gender (female vs male†)10710.80.6 to 1.10.2
 Admission status (inpatients vs outpatients†)10711.81.1 to 2.90.03
First reader, gender (female vs male†)10711.10.8 to 1.60.6
First reader subspecialty1064<0.0010.001
 Inexperienced consultant†4081.01.0
 General radiologist2020.40.2 to 0.70.0010.60.4 to 1.70.7
 Abdominal radiologist3830.50.3 to 0.80.0010.40.3 to 0.6<0.001
 Other subspecialty711.00.5 to to 2.20.7
Second reader, gender (female vs male†)10711.00.7 to 1.40.9
Second reader subspecialty1062<0.0010.002
 Inexperienced consultant†2221.01.0
 General radiologist2350.30.2 to 0.6<0.0010.30.2 to 0.70.002
 Abdominal radiologist5350.80.6 to to 1.70.7
 Other subspecialty700.20.1 to to 0.80.02
  • *Urgent: Requested within 24 h.

  • †Reference in the logistic regression model.

  • ‡Working hours: 7:00–16:00.