Table 1

Sociodemographic and disease-related characteristics of free-text respondents

CharacteristicNo. received survey (n=34 467)No. completed survey (n=21 802)Survey response rateNo. provided comments (n=5634)Free-text question response rate (%)Comparison of those who did and did not provide comments
 Male19 58012 68364.8%318025.1p=0.002*
 Female14 887911961.3%245426.9
Age at diagnosis
 65–7411 559782467.7197525.2
Ethnic group
 White24 78116 07964.9425726.5p=0.001*‡
Index of multiple deprivation
 1—least deprived7812548470.2159529.1p<0.001†
 5—most deprived4907255852.152220.4
Year of diagnosis
 201016 49110 52363.8279326.5p=0.023*
 201117 97611 27962.7284125.2
 Tumour site
 Colon21 69613 57762.6354426.1p=0.502*
 Rectum10 452671364.2170125.3
Duke's stage of disease at diagnosis
 Unknown14 750869158.9869125.5
  • *p Value corresponds to χ2 test.

  • †p Value corresponds to χ2 test for trend.

  • ‡χ2 test compares white versus non-white versus unknown.