Table 1

Characteristics of clinicians and P/F who participated in the baseline and the postworkshop survey

Clinicians (participating in workshop, baseline survey and postsurvey) (n=53)*P/F participating in baseline survey (n=71)P/F participating in workshop and postsurvey (n=9)
Age (years)
Gender (% female)68%79%89%
Years of clinical experience since earning professional degree(n=50)N/AN/A
Healthcare profession(n=51)N/AN/A
Nurse/nurse manager/nurse practitioner31%
Social worker12%
Experience with medical error
 Clinicians: “Have you ever made a harmful error?
P/F: Have you ever experienced a harmful error? (%yes)
42% (21/50) 36% 22/62) 67% (6/9)
 Clinicians: Have you personally disclosed an error to a patient or family?
P/F: Have you ever had a medical error disclosed to you? (%yes)
57% (28/49) 48% (10/21) 44% (4/9)
  • *As not every item was answered by all respondents, denominators (n) can vary, as shown.

  • †Included administrators, students and medical interpreters.

  • P/F, patients/families.