TableĀ 2

4Pi national involvement standards: involvement for influence31

ComponentSupportive attributes for inclusion and empowerment
PrinciplesInvolvement is underpinned by values, eg, inclusivity and non-discrimination, respect and transparency and being open-minded to cultural differences.
PurposeThe purpose should be clearly articulated so that everybody understands the goal of involvement and has the opportunity to shape and influence the process.
PresenceWho to involve will be determined by the purpose. This means an inclusive approach that seeks to address inequalities.
ProcessInvolvement in direct care for example, will require different approaches to involvement than at the collective/organisational level. Consultation methods will deliver different results by comparison with co-design or co-production approaches.
ImpactImpact can be considered in different ways, eg, on individual conduct as well as on organisational culture, policy/planning, outcomes, outputs, diversity and equality of opportunity and the experience of service users.