Table 1

Summary of outcome measures collected at 10 weeks

Outcome measureMethod of recording
NMS question

Telephone interview*
Morisky's Medication Adherence Scale 8-item version (MMAS-8)26
Self-completed postal questionnaire‡
Medicines stopped or changed by the prescriberTelephone interview*
Health status
EuroQol-5 Dimension-3 Level Instrument
Self-completed postal questionnaire‡
Medicines understanding
Beliefs About Medicines Questionnaire (BMQ)28
Self-completed postal questionnaire‡
Healthcare resource useSelf-completed diary§
  • *Participants were asked to specify optimal contact times at registration. Up to seven attempts were made for each time point if unsuccessful.

  • †Use of the MMAS is protected by US copyright laws. Permission for use is required. A license agreement is available from: Donald E Morisky, ScD, ScM, MSPH, Professor, Department of Community Health Sciences, UCLA School of Public Health, 650 Charles E. Young Drive South, Los Angeles, CA 90095–1772.

  • ‡Questionnaires were issued prior to telephone interviews. Return status was checked during the telephone interview and actioned as necessary.

  • §Interactions with primary, secondary, social care and allied health professionals were recorded on an episodic basis. Wasted medicines were not recorded.

  • NMS, New Medicine Service.