Table 3

Responses and partial bivariate correlations (adjusted for site) for event-level responses

Percentage selecting each responsePartial bivariate correlations with intent to disclose
Event-levelDelayed cancer diagnosis (%)Care coordination breakdown (%)Delayed
cancer diagnosis
coordination breakdown
Personal responsibility for event 0.32 (p=0.00)0.32 (p=0.00)
 Not at all responsible25.29.5 
 Partially responsible70.481.3 
 Fully responsible4.49.2 
Colleague's responsibility for event 0.16 (p=0.005)0.19 (p=0.001)
 Not at all responsible4.48.2 
 Partially responsible74.478.4 
 Fully responsible21.213.4 
Event seriousness 0.27 (p=0.00)0.35 (p=0.00)
 Not an error8.111.4 
 A near miss2.010.0 
 A minor error7.117.9 
 A serious error82.760.7 
Expectation patient will file suit0.02 (p=0.69)0.16 (p=0.01)
 Very unlikely4.119.1 
 Somewhat unlikely26.653.7 
 Somewhat likely55.024.5 
 Very likely14.32.7 
  • Bold typeface indicates a result that is statistically significant at the 0.05 level.