Table 1

Respondent characteristics

CharacteristicNo. (%)
Total sample297 (100)
 A196 (66.0)
 B47 (15.8)
 C54 (18.2)
 Female162 (54.6)
Years in practice
 ≤10 years84 (28.3)
 11–20 years75 (25.2)
 >20 years138 (46.5)
Practice perceptions
 Often question whether the demands of practice are worth the toll (strongly agree or agree)165 (55.6)
 Often think about leaving practice (strongly agree or agree)109 (36.7)
 Organisation values good clinician–patient communication (strongly agree)204 (68.7)
 Insufficient time to address patients’ questions (strongly agree or agree)212 (71.4)
 Insufficient time to educate patients about treatment options (strongly agree or agree)190 (64.0)