TableĀ 1

Nuclear medicine technologist task classification

Task categoryDefinitionIncluded activities
Direct careTasks directly related to patient carePreparing a camera or room for a scan
Assisting a patient before or after a procedure
Scanning a patient
Interacting with patient and/or relative
Indirect careTasks indirectly related to patient careReview of request forms, bookings, preparation
requirements for tests
Washing hands
Cleaning or preparing workbenches, scan equipment and beds
Changing bed linen
Radiopharmaceutical preparation
Quality control
Analysing scan
Disposal and/or return of radioactive waste, paperwork
DocumentationData entry into computer or paperworkRecording doses administered, quality control results and patient demographics
Professional communicationAny work-related discussion with another staff memberCommunication on scheduling, transfers, preparation for procedures, protocol to be used and handover of care
Includes the use of fixed or mobile phones or pages
SocialAny social or personal activity or discussionPersonal phone calls and discussions
Tea, lunch and personal breaks
Private reading
Private email or social media
Bathroom breaks
Supervision and educationAny activity focused on teaching or educationSupervision of other staff members or students
Mandatory health training
Participating in departmental education sessions
AdministrativeAny administrative activity not directly related to direct or indirect care or documentationPreparing rosters
Purchase of supplies
Maintenance of equipment
Employment issues
In transitWork-related movement between rooms or tasksIncludes movement between scanning rooms, movement outside the department to visit patients on wards