Table 3

Patient-centred readmission factors from multiple-choice questions

Total sample that reported ≥1 difficulty from multiple-choice questions558 (52%)
Difficulties and representative quotations (overarching themes in parentheses)
1. Difficulty following diet (self-management)

It was difficult for me to eat right. I ate what I had. I didn’t feel like going shopping…I’m on disability, and I needed to wait for my check to get food.

235 (22%)
2. Difficulty with transportation to follow-up care (discharge planning)

I couldn’t get to my doctor appointments. I have to wait 3 days for Mass health transportation, and my appointments were scheduled too soon after discharge to get an appointment with my ride.

209 (20%)
3. Difficulty taking medications correctly each day (medication safety)

I don’t sleep in the hospital, so when I get home, I sleep more…and I end up sleeping through times I'm supposed to take my meds…They give you a lot to do when you leave the hospital. Sometimes it’s difficult to follow the discharge instructions they give you.

192 (18%)
4. Difficulty with inadequate social support (social support)

I didn’t have a support system when I went home…a nurse came twice a week, but only took my vitals. I wasn’t able to cook because I was still weak…I just needed more help…My discharge was excellent. I understood everything, they explained it well too. I just wasn’t able to care for myself when I got home.

160 (15%)
5. Difficulty contacting doctor if needed (Self-management)

When I left, they said I needed tests by my doctor. But I didn’t know which doctor…so they didn't get done and I wound up in the hospital a few days later.

149 (14%)
6. Difficulty with basic needs such as food, shelter, utilities and the like (other issues)

I have a hard time staying warm at home…and air/climate (temperature) is a trigger for my pain.

117 (11%)
7. Difficulty with alcohol or drugs (other issues)

I have sobriety problems. I’m enrolled in an alcohol recovery program…but it hasn't started yet and I have conflicts with their timeframe.

73 (7%)