Table 1

Sample demographics

Mean age: 58.14; SD: 16.24
Age DemographicNPercentage of sample
Ethnic origin
 White British14985
 White other84
First language
 Face-to-face interviewing5933
 Paper-based form8045
 Patient safety hotline3721
Specialties represented
Face-to-face interviewing
 Vascular surgery2011
 Chemotherapy (outpatients)00
 Renal, gastroenterology and rheumatology3922
Paper-based form
 General surgery4425
 Chemotherapy (outpatients)148
 Respiratory, diabetes and endocrinology2213
Patient safety hotline
 Urological surgery116
 Haematology (outpatients)74
Earlier contact with the trust during previous 5-year period
 No previous inpatient stay or ongoing treatment2816
 Previous inpatient stay12772
 Receiving ongoing treatment12872
 Previous inpatient stay and receiving ongoing treatment10861