Table 1

Quotes from junior doctors' focus group

Prescriber identification
  • I think the fact that we'd been given the stamps highlighted the fact more than anything that we should be putting our names on the paperwork.

  • Now even when I don't have my stamp I think, oh, I'd better write my name because I don't have my stamp on me.

  • I find using the stamp makes me take a lot more ownership of it, I think, do I really know what I'm doing? I'm putting my name to that, like George Foreman grill, it'd better work.

Individual feedback
  • [The prescription] would need to be changed [because of] patient safety, and that can be done by anyone on the team, but I'd like to know personally that I'd made a mistake.

  • …[I]t's hard to say what it would be like without [receiving feedback], it makes you feel safe because it feels like every error you may be making is being checked by somebody and that they are then feeding back. So it feels like I'm making less errors now because I've learnt from the errors I've made.

Shared learning
  • [The prescribing tips are] good because, there's often a picture of a drug chart so you can look at it quite quickly and…You don't have to read a lot of text, you can just look and read, oh, I can see just a gap, that … if you're just quickly checking it because you don't have time.