Table 3

Patient characteristics associated with report of ‘feeling better’ about their doctor as a result of reading their notes (N=3298)*

Characteristic% Felt much better/somewhat betterAdjusted RR95% CI
Age (years)†
 47–55350.960.85 to 1.08
 56–63371.070.94 to 1.21
 >63421.151.01 to 1.31
 Male421.311.19 to 1.45
 Non-white441.251.07 to 1.46
 HS/GED441.391.21 to 1.60
 Some college411.331.19 to 1.50
Self-reported health
 Fair/poor441.141.00 to 1.30
 Good361.010.93 to 1.11
 Very good/excellent321
 Site 2381.080.99 to 1.19
 Site 3541.120.089 to 1.40
 Site 1341
Total notes available
 2341.030.90 to 1.18
 3351.040.87 to 1.25
 4391.170.96 to 1.43
 ≥5431.311.15 to 1.50
Notes accurately describe the visit‡
 Always/usually361.861.21 to 2.85
Ease of understanding notes‡
 Very/somewhat easy361.160.94 to 1.42
 Very/somewhat difficult321
  • *Multivariable logistic regression model including all the predictors shown in the table, controlled for providers and site.

  • †Age ranges were defined by quartiles. ‡Derived from postintervention patient survey questions: ‘How often did notes accurately describe the visit?’ and ‘How easy was it to understand your notes?’. Note: Model excluding patients with missing demographic data. RR, risk ratio.