Table 1

Characteristics of patients who read at least one note (N=4592)

Site 1Site 2Site 3ALL
CharacteristicsN=2451 (%)N=2064 (%)N=77 (%)N=4592 (%)
Age (years)*†
 Not specified230315
 Some college19214320
 Not specified030013
Self-rated health
 Excellent/very good42264535
 Not specified2330126
Length of patient–doctor relationship (years)‡
  • The ‘ALL’ column represents average results, accounting for the proportion of respondents at each site.

  • *Site 1 mean=54 years (SD 12); site 2 mean=55 years (SD 13); site 3 mean=52 years (SD 10). †Age ranges were defined by quartiles. ‡Data not available for site 3; mean length of patient–doctor relationship across the two sites was 5.8 (SD 3.0) (site 1 mean=5.7 years (SD 2.6); site 2 mean=5.8 years (SD 3.4)). Note: Demographic survey questions were optional, missing data indicates non-response from patient respondents. GED, graduate equivalency diploma; HS, high school.