Table 2

Patient experiences with reading their visit notes (N=4592)

Site 1Site 2Site 3ALL
Postsurvey question/statementN=2451 (%)N=2064 (%)N=77 (%)N=4592 (%)
Reason selected for reading visit notes*
 To know about my health58577158
 To be sure I understood what the doctor said55565755
 I was curious54416148
 To know what my doctor was thinking49414545
 I have a right to see my record41395341
 To remember visit41354238
 To check that the notes were right32253229
 No particular reason2312
How often did notes accurately describe the visit?
 Do not know2202
How easy was it to understand your notes?
 Very easy75735874
 Somewhat easy21243223
 Somewhat difficult3282
 Very difficult<1<11<1
 Do not know<1<10<1
Did reading the note change the way you feel about your doctor?
 Much better17233020
 Somewhat better17161917
 Do not feel better or worse65604962
 Somewhat worse1<11<1
 Much worse<1<10<1
Did you ever contact your doctor's office about something in your notes?
 Considered but did not3233
 Do not know/do not remember1211
  • The ‘ALL’ column represents average results, accounting for the proportion of respondents at each site. *Respondents were permitted to select multiple reasons for reading their visit notes.