Table 1

Conditions leading to local review processes during the 6 months of the study

Conditions includedConditions excluded
Severe haemorrhage (>1500 mL)Shoulder dystocia
Amniotic fluid embolismOther maternal incidents
Cardiac arrestViolation of local protocol
Eclampsia/pre-eclampsiaRetained swab or instrument
Uterine ruptureMedication error
Uterine inversionOrganisational incidents
Severe maternal sepsisThird-/fourth-degree tears
HysterectomyUnsuccessful forceps/ventouse
Placental accretaReadmission of mother
Placental praevia
Pulmonary embolism
Major anaesthetic complications
Intensive care admission (maternal)
Acute fatty liver
  • Reviews undertaken for near-miss maternal morbidity conditions were included in the study; other incidents were excluded.