Table 1

Components of the six different clinical profiles by risk level

Clinical profileInformation volunteered by ‘patient’ or available onscreenInformation only available if participant GPs askedPositive predictive value (PPV) of lung cancer (%)Other relevant information
Age rangeSmoking statusSymptom 1Symptom 2Duration
Low risk: Expected action=no active investigation (safety netting appropriate)
 1Younger (late 50s)Non-smokerBreathlessnessFatigue1–2 weeks0.40Patient has swollen ankles, possibly due to heart failure
 2Younger (late 50s)SmokerChest painCough1–2 weeks1.10
Medium risk: Expected action=either investigation (eg, order chest X-ray) or safety netting
 3Older (late 70s)SmokerChest painCoughUncertain (∼3 weeks)1.70
 4Older (late 70s)Non-smokerCoughAppetite lossUncertain (∼3 weeks)2.50
High risk: Expected action=lung cancer investigation
 5Younger (late 50s)SmokerBreathlessnessFatigue>5 weeks3–4Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease present
 6Older (late 70s)SmokerChest painWeight loss>5 weeks14
  • GPs, general practitioners.