Table 2

Frequency of lung cancer investigation

 InvestigationN (vignettes)
nPer cent
(a) By ‘patient’ characteristic
Risk level
Clinical profile*
  1: PPV=0.4% (younger; ns; 1–2 weeks breathless (and fatigue))15266.96227
  2: PPV=1.1% (younger; s; 1–2 weeks chest pain (and cough))18783.11225
  3: PPV=1.7% (older; s; 3 weeks chest pain (and cough))19585.90227
  4: PPV=2.5% (older; ns; 3 weeks cough (and appetite loss))13258.67225
  5: PPV=3–4% (younger; s; >5 weeks breathless (and fatigue))18582.59224
  6: PPV14% (older; s; >5 weeks chest pain (and weight loss))14967.73220
Socioeconomic circumstances
 South Asian32574.20438
Second symptom elicited
(b) By GP participant characteristic
GP gender
GP age range
 25–34 years22770.06324
 35–44 years33672.89461
 45–54 years32578.69413
 55–64 years10275.00136
 65 years or over/missing866.6712
Years since qualifying
 0–2 years ago12071.43168
 2–5 years ago18669.14269
 5–10 years ago17773.75240
 10–20 years ago25677.58330
 20+ years ago25976.40339
 South Asian29673.63402
 East of England34174.95455
 West Midlands9672.73132
 Surrey and Sussex4175.9354
 Locum GP2466.6736
  • *Younger=late 50s; older=late seventies; s=smoker; ns=non-smoker; (symptom)=not volunteered by patient.

  • GP, general practitioner; PPV, positive predictive values.