TableĀ 1

Benefits and trade-offs of integration and interfacing approaches

Integrated records and improved workflow
Ease of use
Costs more predictable/lower maintenance costs
Single log-in
Locked into one supplier
High one-off purchasing cost (as opposed to being able to gradually purchase complementary functionality)
Limited scope for innovation resulting from new ways to combine software solutions
InterfacingPotential to combine with other software to align with local needs
More mature products and better support
Best of breed
Easier to make changes/smaller system
Cost of creating interfaces, potentially lower than multimodular systems
Developed by individual clinical teams, cannot be supported by information technology/isolated expertise
Multiple contracts with a number of suppliers
Managing multiple supplier relationships
Data retrieval
More training required when interacting with several systems
Difficulty of getting suppliers to collaborate
Cost and technical challenges in creating interfaces
Lack of standards