Table 1

Patients discharged, patients surveyed and nurses surveyed in the study hospitals in six European countries, and descriptive information on outcomes derived from them (RN4CAST data)

TotalHospital meanSD25th percentile75th percentile
Patient discharges275 519146610937131947
 Patient deaths356919.019.86.525.0
 Patient mortality rate (deaths per 1000 discharges)
Patient survey respondents18 8281031392977
Percent giving hospital low ratings54%15%39%60%
Nurse survey respondents13 07754273765
Percent of nurses reporting
 Poor/fair unit quality22%14%11%32%
 Poor/failing safety grade7%6%2%9%
 Poor safety culture34%16%24%45%
 Would not recommend hospital to friends or family18%12%8%24%
 Pressure ulcers9%8%3%14%
 Falls with injury12%9%5%15%
 Urinary tract infections23%12%15%29%
 High burnout30%17%15%42%
 Job dissatisfaction31%16%17%42%
  • Patient discharge data (used for the mortality analyses) were available for 188 (77%) of the 243 hospitals in which nurses were surveyed. Patient survey data (used for the analyses of patient satisfaction) were available for 182 (75%) of the 243 hospitals.