Table 3

Attitudes regarding the climate for speaking up about patient safety concerns versus unprofessional behaviour

ItemX=patient safety concern
% (n) agree*
X=unprofessional behaviour
% (n) agree*
p Value†
Speaking up about X results in meaningful change in my clinical area‡§60% (504)40% (332)<0.001
In my clinical area, it is difficult to speak up if I have/observe X‡¶16% (133)38% (322)<0.001
The culture in my clinical area makes it easy to speak up about X that does not involve me or my patients‡§54% (448)34% (287)<0.001
In my clinical area, I observe others speaking up about X even if it does not involve them or their patients‡§43% (362)27% (224)<0.001
I am encouraged by my colleagues to speak up about X‡§65% (541)36% (304)<0.001
  • *Dichotomised strongly agree/slightly agree (agree) versus neutral/slightly disagree/strongly disagree (disagree).

  • †p Value for McNemar's test comparing within-respondent differences in attitudes regarding the speaking up climates for patient safety and professionalism.

  • ‡Items from the Speaking Up Climate for Patient Safety scale.

  • §Items from the Speaking Up Climate for Professionalism scale.

  • ¶Negatively worded item.