Table 3

Secondary outcomes for participants discharged using the e-DCT versus usual care

Secondary outcomesUsual caree-DCTp Value
30 days, n=1347n=669n=678
Patient-reported adverse outcomes227 (34%)239 (35%)0.611
Adverse events12 (1.8%)14 (2.1%)0.788
HUI3 (n=1082)542540
Overall mean score (SD)0.58 (0.35)0.58 (0.36)0.853
90 days, n=1246n=618n=628
Length of stay of readmission (n=403)188215
Median (IQR)7.0 (7.0)7.0 (5.0)0.805
HUI3 (n=1077)479498
Overall mean score (SD)0.60 (0.36)0.59 (0.36)0.634
  • We strongly recommend reading this statement in conjunction with the CONSORT 2010 Explanation and Elaboration for important clarifications on all the items. If relevant, we also recommend reading CONSORT extensions for cluster randomised trials, non-inferiority and equivalence trials, non-pharmacological treatments, herbal interventions, and pragmatic trials. Additional extensions are forthcoming: for those and for up to date references relevant to this checklist, see

  • e-DCT, electronic discharge communication tool; HUI3, Health Utilities Index.