Table 1

Creating Learning Environments for Compassionate Care (CLECC) set activities

ActivityMonth 1Month 2Month 3Month 4
Ward manager action learning setsSession 1/setting up set, setting ground rulesSession 2/workplace climate/team values/valuing staffSession 3/enhancing team capacity for compassionate careSession 4/influencing senior managers
Team learning planIntroduce and discussDiscussion and draft by ward leaderFinalise, identify resources needed to support, presentSenior manager feeds back response to team plan
Ward manager/matron meetingsIntroduce and discussOngoing – every 2 weeksOngoing – every 2 weeksOngoing – every 2 weeks
Peer observations of practiceIdentify two volunteer observers from staff teamTrain observersObservations of practiceFeedback observations of practice
Team study day (all staff)Team analysis of workplace climate/values clarification
Mid-shift cluster discussions (all staff)OngoingOngoingOngoingOngoing
Reflective discussions (twice weekly) (all staff)‘I feel valued at work when…’ exerciseTeam values clarification exercise; Best Practice for Older People (BPOP)25 activitiesBPOP activities25; team learning+service user feedback plan discussionsReflections on feedback from observations of practice