Table 3

Size of variation, and proportions of observed variance explained by chance and/or age-sex differences between practice populations. Note that the per cent of variance explained is on the log/log odds, respectively, as opposed to the natural scale

Column 1Column 2Column 3Column 4Column 5Column 6Column 7Column 8Column 9Column 10Column 11
Diagnostic process or outcome indicatorsNumber of practices includedPer cent of variance due to chance alonePer cent of variance due to practice age-sex profile (beyond role of chance)Per cent of variance due to both chance and practice age-sex profileObserved (actually reported) 75th/25th RR/ORAdjusted for chance 75th/25th RR/ORAdjusted for chance and practice age-sex profile 75th/25th RR/ORObserved (actually reported) 90th/10th RR/ORAdjusted for chance 90th/10th RR/ORAdjusted for chance and practice age-sex profile
90th/10th RR/OR
Process indicators
 Breast screening coverage79519.553.858.21.821.751.463.032.902.06
 Cervical screening coverage79106.946.049.81.541.571.392.362.371.88
 Bowel screening coverage792413.975.378.81.781.701.302.922.741.65
 Sigmoidoscopy rate795431.124.948.31.991.931.774.223.522.97
 Colonoscopy rate795437.838.661.81.811.761.563.262.962.34
 Upper gastrointestinal endoscopy rate795426.533.951.41.671.701.542.852.742.27
 TWW referral rate795419.639.951.71.861.921.663.563.462.62
 TWW referral rate (colorectal)795434.141.461.42.362.171.816.444.403.11
 TWW referral rate (lung)795440.425.055.32.922.031.8512.563.873.23
 TWW referral rate (skin)795427.131.950.32.672.452.108.595.554.11
 TWW referral rate (breast)795445.
Outcome indicators
 TWW conversion rate795464.830.675.61.921.551.443.932.312.01
 TWW detection rate794178.44.979.51.981.431.424.251.991.95
 Emergency route to diagnosis768782.830.
 Referred route to diagnosis768785.07.486.11.921.321.303.641.691.66
 Other route to diagnosis768774.812.577.92.131.501.475.112.182.08
  • RR, risk ratio; OR, odds ratio;

  • TWW, two-week wait.