Table 2

Hypothetical results of early Plan-Do-Study-Act implementation cycles (steps 2–4)

CycleSampleForm correctly completedQualitative feedbackAction
1Convenience2/6=33%Hard to understand
Hard to find
Make form more clear
Make form easier to find
2Convenience4/8=50%Hard to understandMake form more clear
3Convenience7/10=70%Hard to findMake form easier to find
4Convenience8/10=80%Time-consumingMake form shorter
First milestone achieved; change to purposive sampling
5Purposive0/4=0%Unaware of the formImprove awareness
6Purposive8/10=80%Hard to understand
Make form more clear
Make form shorter
7Purposive9/10=90%Unaware of the formImprove awareness
Second milestone achieved; prepare for run charts