Table 1

Billing codes used to identify splenectomy patients for CDS alerts

CPT codesICD-9 codesDRG codes
38120—laparoscopy, surgical, splenectomy
38101—splenectomy; partial (separate procedure)
38100—splenectomy; total (separate procedure)
38102—splenectomy; total, en bloc for extensive disease, in conjunction with other procedure (list in addition to code for primary procedure)
41.43—partial splenectomy
41.5—total splenectomy
392—splenectomy, age >17
393—splenectomy, ages 0–17
  • CDS, clinical decision support; CPT, Current Procedural Terminology; DRG, diagnosis-related group; ICD-9, International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems 9th Revision.