Table 2

Classification and frequency of requests

Request typeDescriptionFrequencyAnticipated, n (%)Unanticipated, n (%)
Camera-relatedLens clean, lens change, lens focus1050105 (8)
Suture/Staple/Clip applicationProvide the surgeon with suture, stapler, clip or lap-tie via laparoscopic port26291 (7)171 (13)
Suture/Staple/Clip loadProvide the bedside assistant with a loaded needle driver, stapler, clip applicator or lap-tie applicator277182 (14)95 (7)
Suture/Staple/Clip supplyProvide the scrub nurse with additional sutures, stapler loads, clip bars or lap-tie packs44044 (3)
Insufflation-relatedRectal test, pneumoperitoneum adjustments30030 (2)
Robotic instrumentsRound-tip scissors, permanent cautery hook, precise bipolar forceps, needle driver, fenestrated bipolar forceps, curved monopolar scissors20135 (3)166 (12)
Laparoscopic instrumentsScissors, grasper, needle driver (when used for item retrieval), suction wand, hydrodissection needle23292 (7)140 (11)
Other laparoscopic suppliesSpecimen bag, mini-lap, surgical6522 (2)43 (3)
MiscellaneousTowel, syringe, saline, local anaesthetic, bucket, intravenous dye, dish, clamp, Dermabond, ruler, gowns, gloves, robotic seals, trocars, lighting adjustments11920 (2)99 (7)
Total1335442 (33)893 (67)