Table 2

Uptake of evidence-based strategies associated with risk-standardised mortality rates

N (%)
N (%)
McNemar test p value
Physician and nurse champions for AMI care5 (50.0)8 (80.0)0.26
Monthly meetings with EMS to review AMI cases4 (40.0)5 (50.0)0.56
Nurses are not cross-trained from the ICU for the cardiac catheterisation laboratory9 (90.0)10 (100)NA
Pharmacists round on all patients with AMI1 (10.0)8 (80.0)0.02
Organisational culture supports creative problem solving5 (50.0)8 (80.0)0.18
Total number of practices per hospital (M (SD))2.4 (1.35)3.9 (.74)0.02*
  • *p Value derived from paired t-test.

  • AMI, acute myocardial infarction.