Table 1

Study inclusion criteria

CharacteristicsCriteria for quantitative studies
PopulationPatients discharged from hospital to their permanent residence (home, residential unit or nursing home)
Intervention of interestMedicines reconciliation completed by a pharmacist based in the community
ComparatorUsual care processes for medication reconciliation
Outcome measureDiscrepancy identification
Discrepancy categorisation
Healthcare usage (readmission, emergency department attendance, GP attendance)
Workload/efficiency measures—time to complete medicines reconciliation, effect on number of primary and secondary care appointments needed, and economic outcomes
Study designRCTs, cluster RCTs, quasi-RCTs, cluster quasi-RCTs, controlled pre–post intervention studies, interrupted-time-series, cohort studies (prospective or retrospective), case–control studies, uncontrolled pre–post intervention studies
LanguageNo limitation
Publication dateNo limitation
  • GP, general practitioner or primary care physician; RCTs, randomised controlled trials.