Table 1

Diagnostic pause results

Categories of working diagnosesTotal
n=82 patients
 Infectious diseases2530
What features of the case go against this diagnosis?
 Associated symptoms1215
 Lack of consistent findings1012
 Not responding to therapy911
 Severity of symptoms810
 Duration of symptoms56
 Incidental finding11
 Incomplete workup22
Could it be a can’t miss diagnosis such as ‘ cancer or clot’ ?
 ‘Doubt it’6478
 ‘Actually yes’34
Having had the chance to reflect … do you think you will do anything different?
 Nothing different7187
 Look up information22
 Order another test22
 Make a med change34
 Have patient follow-up34
 Refer to specialist22
 Contact primary care physician11
 Call patient22
 RN to follow-up00
  • GU = genitourinary, ENT = Ear, nose, throat, CV = Cardiovascular, GI = Gastrointestinal, RN = registered nurse, EMR = electronic medical record