Table 1

Descriptive statistics for patient experience measures and rates of A&E visits and emergency admissions for general practices in England, 2011–2014

2011–2012 (n=8075)
 Rate of A&E visits310.3107.226.61194.3
 Rate of emergency admissions98.827.515.0413.2
 Experience of making an appointment77.88.540.298.2
 Satisfaction with opening hours79.46.146.898.7
 Overall experience82.86.155.598.3
2012–2013 (n=7950)
 Rate of A&E visits324.4115.036.31318.2
 Rate of emergency admissions100.326.93.0405.9
 Experience of making an appointment76.09.234.499.2
 Satisfaction with opening hours78.56.347.198.5
 Overall experience81.76.549.199.1
2013–2014 (n=7850)
 Rate of A&E visits324.4109.719.41157.0
 Rate of emergency admissions102.926.83.8339.5
 Experience of making an appointment74.89.530.399.0
 Satisfaction with opening hours76.66.646.098.5
 Overall experience81.16.746.998.7
  • Total number of practices across period was 8124.

  • Rates of A&E visits and emergency admissions are numbers per 1000 registered patients.

  • A&E, accident and emergency.