Table 1

Examples of clinical prescribing errors identified

Error typeMedication orderDescription of error
Wrong drug (drug– disease interaction)Metoclopramide 10 mg intravenously three times daily when requiredPrescribed for patient with Parkinson’s disease
Wrong drug (drug–disease interaction)Aspirin 100 mg orally once dailyPrescribed for patient with corrosive gastritis/duodenitis and for whom there was no active disease for which aspirin is required
Wrong doseFexofenadine 120 mg orally once onlyPrescribed for allergic urticaria involving lip, eye and skin. Indicated dose for urticaria is 180 mg
Duplicated drug therapyParacetamol 1 g orally four times daily when requiredRegular paracetamol (1 g three times daily) already charted, potentially exceeding maximum daily dose of 4 g
Wrong strengthThyroxine 50 mg orally once dailyDose should have been 50 μg