Table 1

Levels of CDS relating to error prevention and the associated impact on prescriber workflow

Level of CDSDescriptionImpact on workflow
5RestrictedThe prescriber is prevented from proceeding with the prescription with a hard-stop alert.Interruptive
4PermittedAn alert appears where a reason needs to be given by the prescriber to over-ride it in order to progress.Interruptive
3GuidedElements of the prescription order are auto-populated for the prescriber (eg, dose, frequency, route).Interruptive/
2AlertAn alert appears, but the prescriber does not need to over-ride this with adding a reason in order to progress.Passive
1NoneNo CDS appears at the point of prescribing.None
  • *Passive if the guided decision support is accepted, or interruptive if it is over-ridden.

  • CDS,¬†clinical decision support.