Table 4

Assessed severity and preventability of patient safety incidents, and percentage agreement between reviewers

Actual HarmAvoidability
Frequency% agreementFrequency% agreement
Negligible*18645.81Definitely preventable*21552.96
Minor*4410.84Probably preventable*4711.57
Moderate*40.99Probably not preventable*10.25
Major*10.25Definitely not preventable*00
Total agreement58Total agreement65
Negligible, minor, moderate*40599.75Definitely preventable, probably preventable*38494.58
Major, catastrophic*10.25Probably not preventable, definitely not preventable*10.25
Total agreement when dichotomised100Total agreement when dichotomised95
  • *Figures presented represent those for which there was agreement between reviewers, with the sum therefore not matching the total number of classified PSIs.