Table 4

Key recommendations from Safety Is Personal: Partnering with Patients and Families for the Safest Care

Target of recommendationRecommendation
Leaders of health systemsEstablish patient and family engagement as a core value by involving patients and families as equal partners in all organisational activities. Educate and train clinicians and staff to be effective partners and partner with patient advocacy groups and community organisations to increase public awareness and engagement.
Healthcare clinicians and staffSupport patients and families to engage effectively in their own care by providing the information, training and tools they need to manage their health conditions according to their expressed wishes.
Engage patients as equal partners in safety improvements and care design.
Support patients and families when things go wrong.
Healthcare policy makersInvolve patients in all policy-making committees and programmes.
Develop, implement and report safety metrics that foster accountability and transparency.
Engage patients in setting and implementing the research agenda.
Patients and families and the publicAsk questions about their care and understand their medicines and care plans. They should also be instructed in basic safety steps: repeating back instructions and information to clinicians in their own words; bringing a friend or family member to all appointments and understanding who is in charge of their care.