Table 3

Key recommendations from Through the Eyes of the Workforce: Creating Joy, Meaning, and Safer Health Care

Target of recommendationRecommendation
Hospital and healthcare leaders, professionals, board membersDevelop and embody shared core values of mutual respect and civility; transparency and truth telling; safety of all workers and patients and alignment and accountability from the boardroom through the front lines.
Hospital and healthcare leaders, professionals, board membersAdopt the explicit aim to eliminate harm to workforce and patients.
Recognise and celebrate the work and accomplishments of the work force, regularly and with high visibility.
Hospital and healthcare leaders, board members, managersCommit to creating a HRO and demonstrate the discipline to achieve highly reliable performance. This will require creating a learning and improvement system and adopting evidence-based management skills for reliability.
Hospital and healthcare leadersEstablish data capture, database and performance metrics for improvement and accountability.
Government and non-profit fundersSupport industry-wide research to explore issues and conditions in healthcare that are harming our workforce and patients.
  • HRO,¬†high-reliability organisation.