Table 1

Ward round goals and key elements

GoalsKey elements
Promote patient participation and engagement in their care delivery.A standard routine, structure and process: this promotes shared understanding and expectations by the patient and the multidisciplinary team.
Support timely, patient-centred interprofessional communication and teamwork, problem solving and decision-making.Facilitated patient (and carer/companion) participation and input into decision-making and care planning: a key nursing role is to preidentify any patient or companion concerns/problems/questions and support them to raise these during the round.
Cross-checking the diagnosis, treatment and progress at regular intervals with the patient and the care team: this promotes a shared understanding of care.
Detect and mitigate patient safety risks early.Use of a quality and safety checklist to prevent predictable hospital complications.
Interdisciplinary input into shared problem solving
Use time and resources efficiently.Verbalising a synthesised plan and clear responsibility for action
Real-time recording and documentation of the care plan