Table 2

Correlation matrix among the work-life climate (aggregated by work setting) and additional healthcare climates surveyed. Cronbach’s alpha for each domain included in the diagonal

Work-life climate (0.83)
Teamwork climate0.367* (0.76)
Safety climate0.424*0.733* (0.87)
Burnout climate–0.527*–0.661*–0.695* (0.90)
Personal burnout–0.545*–0.636*–0.656*0.813* (0.92)
Local leadership0.367*0.607*0.706*–0.527*–0.567* (0.94)
Improvement readiness0.405*0.661*0.756*–0.642*–0.690*0.727* (0.92)
  • Chronbach's alpha for each domain are included in the diagnoal in bold.

  • *Correlation is significant at the 0.01 level (two tailed).