Table 1

Characteristics of nursing homes, physicians and residents included in the analysis using data from the first month for each resident, Ontario, Canada (October 2013 to March 2016)

Resident-level characteristicsTotal n=102 807
 Female71 598 (69.6%)
 Age (mean±SD)85.54±7.54
 Charlson comorbidity score (mean±SD)1.19±1.65
 Psychosis, n (proportion)5050 (4.9%)
 Dementia, n (proportion)88 946 (86.5%)
 Neither psychosis nor dementia, n (proportion)13 338 (13.0%)
 Level of function (activities of daily living) (mean±SD)15.79±7.37
 Pain score (mean±SD)0.49±0.73
 Depression rating score (mean±SD)1.90±2.26
 Aggressive behaviour scale (mean±SD)1.31±2.12
Physician characteristics (n=1960)
 Residents with female physician, n (proportion)20 436 (19.9%)
 Age (mean±SD)57.70±10.86
 Years in practice (mean±SD)31.38±11.60
Nursing home characteristics (n=636)
 Home size (beds) (mean±SD)161.42±80.80
 Residents in rural home, n (proportion)14 071 (13.7%)
 Residents in home with for-profit ownership, n (proportion)59 629 (58.0%)