Table 1

Examples of potential Safer Dx e-triggers mapped to diagnostic process dimensions of the Safer Dx framework34

Safer Dx diagnostic processSafer Dx trigger examplePotential diagnostic error
Patient-provider encounterPrimary care office visit followed by unplanned hospitalisationMissed red flag findings or incorrect diagnosis during initial office visit
ER visit within 72 hours after ER or hospital dischargeMissed red flag findings during initial ER or hospital visit
Unexpected transfer from hospital general floor to ICUMissed red flag findings during admission
Performance and interpretation of diagnostic testsAmended imaging reportMissed findings on initial read, or lack of communication of amended findings
Follow-up and tracking of diagnostic information over timeAbnormal test result with no timely follow-up actionAbnormal test result missed
Referral and/or patient-specific factorsUrgent specialty referral followed by discontinued referral or patient no-show within 7 daysDelay in diagnosis from lack of specialty expertise
  • ER, emergency room; ICU, intensive care unit.