Table 2

Results of segmented regression analysis of prescribing patterns

Estimate (%)LCLUCLP values
Antipsychotic prescribing
 Monthly change before−0.01−
 Immediate change after newspaper article−1.28−1.48−1.08<0.0001
 Additional monthly change after newspaper article−0.20−0.24−0.16<0.0001
 Immediate change after CIHI report−0.51−0.74−0.29<0.0001
 Additional monthly change after CIHI report0.
Benzodiazepine prescribing
 Monthly change before−0.06−0.11−0.0040.0376
 Immediate change after newspaper article−0.45−0.71−0.190.0018
 Additional monthly change after newspaper article−0.01−
 Immediate change after CIHI report0.10−0.220.430.5196
 Additional monthly change after CIHI report0.03−
Trazodone prescribing
 Monthly change before0.100.060.13<0.0001
 Immediate change after newspaper article−0.08−
 Additional monthly change after newspaper article0.01−
 Immediate change after CIHI report0.13−0.070.320.1971
 Additional monthly change after CIHI report0.0003−
Statins prescribing
 Monthly change before−0.06−0.09−0.020.0048
 Immediate change after newspaper article0.02−
 Additional monthly change after newspaper article−0.08−0.12−0.030.001
 Immediate change after CIHI report−0.22−0.43−0.010.0444
 Additional monthly change after CIHI report0.
  • CIHI, Canadian Institute for Health Information; LCL, lower control limit; UCL, upper control limit.