Table 3

Correlation matrix among the aggregated WLB behaviours (percent of workers reporting good WLB behaviours by work setting) and additional healthcare climates surveyed

Skipped a mealAte a poorly balanced mealWorked through a day/shift without any breaksArrived home late from workHad difficulty sleepingSlept less than 5 hours a nightChanged personal/ family plans because of workFelt frustrated with technology
Burnout climate–0.361*–0.382*–0.276*–0.363*–0.472*–0.456*–0.479*–0.329*
Personal burnout–0.318*–0.354*–0.283*–0.368*–0.474*–0.385*–0.484*–0.332*
Improvement readiness0.229*0.290*0.198*0.259*0.360*0.295*0.376*0.249*
Local leadership0.195*0.273*0.168*0.241*0.294*0.237*0.336*0.121†
Teamwork climate0.230*0.246*0.0910.138*0.365*0.356*0.342*0.184*
Safety climate0.229*0.287*0.168*0.249*0.395*0.427*0.386*0.233*
Work-life climate
  • *Correlation is significant at the 0.01 level (two tailed).

  • †Correlation is significant at the 0.05 level (two tailed).

  • WLB, work-life balance.