Table 2

Transition probabilities with variances of Braden scores to endpoints for a multistate Markov model (n=34 787)

Minimal riskAt riskModerate riskHigh riskVery high riskDischargeHAPICumulative probability
Minimal risk0.0355 (3.93E-06)0.0139 (1.16E-06)0.0040 (1.01E-07)0.0025 (5.42E-08)0.0005 (1.18E-08)0.9367 (2.60E-06)0.0068 (3.11E-09)1.0
At risk0.0360 (9.06E-06)0.0152 (1.97E-05)0.0046 (3.29E-06)0.0030 (7.14E-07)0.0006 (6.79E-08)0.9246 (6.44E-06)0.0159 (1.01E-07)1.0
Moderate risk0.0342 (3.81E-06)0.0157 (4.53E-05)0.0051 (9.53E-05)0.0035 (2.09E-05)0.0007 (1.17E-06)0.9051 (2.26E-05)0.0357 (1.53E-06)1.0
High risk0.0330 (1.71E-06)0.0161 (2.26E-05)0.0055 (5.49E-05)0.0039 (1.30E-04)0.0008 (1.49E-05)0.8892 (3.29E-05)0.0515 (3.44E-06)1.0
Very high risk0.0323 (6.62E-06)0.0166 (3.88E-05)0.0058 (9.30E-5)0.0042 (4.31E-04)0.0009 (7.47E-04)0.8752 (1.54E-04)0.0650 (2.26E-05)1.0
  • HAPI indicates hospital-acquired pressure injury; minimal risk, Braden score 19–23; at risk, Braden score 15–18; moderate risk, Braden score 13–14; high risk, Braden score 10–12; very high risk, Braden score 6–9.

  • HAPI, hospital-acquired pressure injury.