Table 1

Respondent demographics and work-life climate. Cronbach’s alpha by demographic grouping

n% of totalCronbach’s alpha
Healthcare worker role
 Registered Nurse336731.70.82
 Attending/staff physician10369.70.84
 Technologist (eg, Surg, Lab, Rad)8698.20.80
 Technician (PCT, Surg, Lab, EKG, Rad)5675.30.85
 Admin support (Adm, Asst, Unit Coordinator, etc)5425.10.81
  Advance practice provider (PA, NP, CRNA)5034.70.86
 Clinical support (CMA, EMT, etc)5004.70.81
 Nurse’s aide4894.60.83
 Therapist (RT, PT, OT, Speech)4624.30.80
 Resident physician2752.60.85
 Fellow physician1571.50.82
 Clinical social worker/case manager1301.20.81
 Environmental services410.40.92
Shift length
 8 hours432040.70.80
 10 hours141013.20.82
 12 hours348232.80.83
Years in specialty
 Less than 6 months4043.80.79
 6–11 months8778.30.81
 1–2 years126411.90.83
 3–4 years141013.30.83
 5–10 years242322.80.82
 11–20 years212420.60.84
 21 or more years197418.60.83
 Total10 6271000.83
  • CMA, certified medical assistant; CRNA, certified registered nurse anesthetist; EMT, emergency medical technician; OT, occupational therapist; PA, physician's assistant; PCT, patient care technician; PT, physical therapist; RT, respiratory therapist.