Table 4

Effect of AQSI on participants at 6 and 18 months after completion of the programme

Results at 6  months
Number (%) who agreed/strongly agreed
All participants
I have applied knowledge and skills learnt to improve quality in my clinical area129 (87.2)
I have applied knowledge and skills gained to implement quality improvement interventions92 (62.2)
I feel confident leading quality improvement initiatives118 (79.7)
I feel confident teaching quality improvement principles and methods77 (52.0)
Completing AQSI contributed to my career growth136 (91.9)
Results at 18  months
Number (%) who indicated that they had
Led other quality improvement projects48 (47.5)
Participated in quality improvement projects or committees77 (76.2)
Taught classes on quality improvement topics12 (11.9)
Provided mentorship on quality improvement41 (40.6)
Held a leadership position involving quality improvement46 (45.5)
  • AQSI, Academy for Quality and Safety Improvement.