Table 1

AQSI class session topics and instructors

1Introduction/Quality‚ÄČand MeasurementAQSI Programme Director
2DMAIC: Overview and DefineVP, Performance Improvement
3DMAIC: Measure and Data AcquisitionVP, Performance Improvement
4Information Technology Design for QIChief Medical Information Executive
5DMAIC: Analyze/Data InterpretationVP, Performance Improvement
6Mid-term PresentationsFacilitated by AQSI Programme Directors
7DMAIC: Improve and ControlVP, Performance Improvement
8Leading ChangeHealth System Chief Medical Officer
9Patient Safety PrinciplesHospital Chief Medical Officer
10Patient CenterednessHealth System VP, Quality
11Summary Reports and ReflectionsFacilitated by AQSI Programme Directors
  • AQSI, Academy for Quality and Safety Improvement; DMAIC, Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control (performance improvement method); VP, Vice President.