Table 4

Summary of variation between services and Ambulance Quality Indicator rates for telephone advice (TA) and recontact (RC)*

Service AService BService C
TA=medium (high)TA=low (low)TA=high (medium)
RC=medium (low)RC=high (high)RC=low (low)
Perceived as demand management tool.Perceived as risk management tool—risk aversion.Perceived as demand management tool.
Varied skill-mix.Limited skill-mix.Varied skill-mix.
Lower morale.Lower morale.Higher morale.
Limited skill development.Limited skill development.More staff in role as career choice.
Engaged in other tasks.Engaged in other tasks.Focused on telephone advice.
Can downgrade some calls.Cannot downgrade calls.Can downgrade some calls.
Higher workload.Lower workload.Higher workload.
More response options.Fewer response options.More response options.
Different triage software.Different triage software.Different triage software.
  • *Rate when service was selected (rate at data collection).